Is Clicking the Button on your Garage Door Remote Getting You Nowhere?

Call our headquarters about reprogramming your Winchester, VA, Bunker Hill, Charles Town, or Martinsburg, WV home’s garage door remote

Don’t struggle with a finicky garage door remote any longer. Let Door Serv Pro handle it. We will install, troubleshoot and reprogram your garage door remote. Our garage door pros will make sure your remote works perfectly, so you’ll never be stuck trying to get in your closed garage.

We offer same-day service, and we serve a 50-mile radius that includes parts of West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Call 540-450-6749 today to learn more about our top-quality remote repair services.

We offer garage door remote setup

We’ll set up your brand-new garage door remote. We carry and install:

  • Handheld remotes. These look like a small TV remote and can be kept in your glove box for easy accessibility.
  • Car visor remotes. Clients like these because it’s easy to make a habit out of hitting the button as you drive up to your house.
  • Built-in car remotes. These are like visor clip remotes that are built in to your car.
  • Keypads. Most people have a keypad and a remote. That way, if you lose the remote, you can still get in your garage.

We’ll help you decide what’s right for you. Contact us to speak with a garage door pro in Winchester, VA, Bunker Hill, Martinsburg, and Charles Town, WV about your home’s needs.